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What is Follow Recoil in Counter-Strike 2?



counter strike 2 follow recoil

Counter-Strike 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular tactical FPS game, was recently released in beta to much excitement from fans. While there have been many changes to the game, one new feature that has gone unnoticed by many is the addition of the Follow Recoil setting to the crosshair options.

What is Follow Recoil in Counter-Strike 2?

Follow Recoil is a new setting that allows the crosshair to follow the trajectory of the bullets fired from the weapon when spraying. In FPS games, recoil is a natural occurrence when firing a weapon. It causes the aim to shift away from the intended target, making it more difficult to hit.

In Counter-Strike 2, the recoil is particularly harsh, making spray control an essential skill to master. The Follow Recoil option provides a visual aid to help players compensate for the recoil and keep their crosshair on target.


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How can Follow Recoil help improve your aim in Counter-Strike 2?

Enabling the Follow Recoil option may feel disorienting at first, as the crosshair staggers across the screen. However, it provides an effective means of improving spray control.

To use this feature, players should pick a target and try shooting it. Only the first two bullets will hit, and the goal is to compensate for the recoil and make sure all bullets land on target. This can be achieved by dragging the mouse down, but different weapons have different recoil patterns.


The Follow Recoil option is like having an in-game guide to help master spray control. It is similar to the Recoil Master workshop map, which helps players train their spray pattern. With Follow Recoil, players have a reversed version of that, where they have to keep their crosshair centered.

Other Changes in Counter-Strike 2 Beta

Counter-Strike 2 beta has introduced many changes, including new smoke physics, improved tickless servers, and quality-of-life adjustments to the UI.

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The new smoke physics provide more realistic smoke effects, making it harder for players to see through them. Improved tickless servers ensure that the game runs smoother and with fewer interruptions. Quality-of-life adjustments to the UI include changes to the inventory system, making it easier for players to manage their items.

Counter-Strike 2’s Follow Recoil feature is a welcome addition to the game, providing players with a helpful tool to improve their spray control. With its release in beta, players can now test out this new feature and explore the other changes made to the game. Counter-Strike fans can look forward to the full release of the game, which promises to be an exciting addition to the franchise.

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