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CSGO Servers Are Down Right Now on 10th May 2023



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On 10th April 2023, CSGO players across the Globe reported outages of the game servers.

The first and most common cause of server outages is a new update. When a new update is shipped to the game, the servers can go down temporarily. However, in case of an update, the servers can be up quite quickly.

Another reason behind server outages may be a technical fault in Valve’s servers. This is very unlikely to happen but it has happened on more than one occasion in the past.


In case you’re finding yourself unable to launch CSGO or join a game, you can check for yourself if CSGO servers are down.

CSGO Server Status

There are a number of websites to check the server statuses of popular games like CSGO or DOTA 2, and even the server status of Steam itself. One of the most reliable websites to check server issues is; it shows detailed stats on the statuses of game coordinators of Dota 2, Artifact, CSGO, and TF 2 along with reports of server outages.

So next time you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t panic and take your time to check if the servers are down. Another renowned website to check server outages is DownDetector.


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