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When Is Fortnite Creative 2.0 Releasing?



fortnite creative 2.0

Fortnite has been a game-changer in the live-service game industry, thanks to the various game modes that Epic Games offers. Along with PvE Save the World mode and Battle Royale mode, Creative is also a prominent feature in the game.

Now, Epic Games has confirmed the release of the much-awaited Creative 2.0 with some exciting new features.

What is Fortnite Creative 2.0?

Creative 2.0 is the Unreal Editor in Fortnite that will provide players with a set of new tools to design and build their own Fortnite islands. With the new Verse coding language, players will be able to create more complex and intricate game modes for their maps.


Release Date and Teaser

After months of speculation, Epic Games finally announced the release date of Creative 2.0 with a teaser video on the official Fortnite Creative Twitter account. The standalone program is set to release on March 22, 2023. Additionally, Epic Games will also be releasing a more in-depth trailer that will showcase all the new features coming with Creative 2.0.

Program Availability and Features

Creative 2.0 will be available for download on the Epic Games Store, where players can wishlist the program now. As a standalone program, it may take longer for Epic Games to integrate it into other services such as Xbox and PlayStation. However, the EGS page gives a glimpse of some of the features that are coming with the program, including a cropped in-level editor and the new Verse coding language.

Social Media and Launch Expectations

The launch of Creative 2.0 is expected to be significant, with Epic Games likely to reveal more in-depth looks at all of the features in the days leading up to the release. Players should keep an eye on Fortnite social media accounts for more information, as this launch will undoubtedly be remembered and referenced for the rest of the game’s future.


Epic Games has been setting up Fortnite as a platform for growth, and Creative 2.0 is just the next big thing in their plans. With the new features, players can create and design their own islands with more intricate and complex game modes. The release of Creative 2.0 is only days away, and players are eagerly waiting for it.

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