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How to Taunt in Street Fighter 6




In the world of fighting games, taunting serves multiple purposes. It can be used to jest with a friend or to rattle your opponent’s nerves after landing a devastating combo. However, executing taunts in Street Fighter 6 requires finesse and precision. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to taunt like a pro in Street Fighter 6, ensuring you leave your mark on the battlefield.

How to Taunt in SF6

To perform a taunt in Street Fighter 6, you must press all the punch and kick buttons simultaneously while swiftly tilting the stick or D-Pad in a specific direction. Each character has several taunts associated with different directional inputs, including forward, backward, or none at all.

It can prove challenging to execute this maneuver flawlessly, particularly if you’re using a controller. Therefore, we recommend assigning the heavy and medium hits to the L2 and L1 buttons respectively. This setup simplifies the process as you only need to press the following buttons simultaneously:

  • L1/LB
  • L2/LT
  • X/A
  • Square/X
  • D-Pad/Stick

By pressing these buttons simultaneously, you will successfully unleash your desired taunt, leaving your opponent stunned and vulnerable.

Remapping Taunt in Street Fighter 6

In addition to the default button layout, Street Fighter 6 provides the option to remap the taunt function to any available button on your controller or fight stick. For instance, assigning the taunt to the right stick click on the controller is a popular choice, as it minimizes the risk of accidentally triggering it during intense battles.

Remember, every player has their preferred controller configuration for fighting games, so feel free to experiment and discover what works best for you.


With this comprehensive guide, you now possess the knowledge to taunt with style in Street Fighter 6. Master the art of mind games by executing well-timed taunts, leaving your opponents in awe of your prowess.

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