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Is Angle Snapping Bannable in Valorant? A Fact Check



valorant angle snapping

Angle snapping is a feature present in certain mouse models that helps users draw straight lines with ease, by predicting and adjusting the mouse movement towards a specific angle or direction. However, players are uncertain whether this software-related adjustment could lead to a ban in Valorant, a popular first-person shooter game known for its intrusive anti-cheat. In this article, we will explore whether angle snapping is considered cheating in Valorant and whether players could face suspension for using it.

First and foremost, it is essential to note that angle snapping does not interfere with Valorant’s Vanguard, the stern anti-cheat system known for banning players who use unfair means to get an advantage over others. In fact, angle snapping is not considered cheating in most games, as it can be used for other logical means. However, some games explicitly restrict its usage, as it can be considered an unfair advantage for those lacking an adequate mouse model.

Fortunately, Valorant does not have any rules or regulations against software or computer hardware features, making every software legal while playing unless it interferes with the game or anti-cheat files. This also saves Valorant from accusations of false bans. Thus, setting the mouse for angle snapping in Valorant will not get players banned from their favorite first-person shooter title.


Moreover, angle snapping does not typically provide aim assist, but rather helps one aim by assisting them with the elimination of error movements. This is especially useful for newcomers trying to adjust to their mouse movements in Valorant. However, it may not be useful for those already accustomed to their raw aim, as it ignores the minute adjustments in mouse movement. Players using the feature may also face problems moving their mouse when an opponent changes their stance, eventually changing the course of the match.

In conclusion, angle snapping is not bannable in Valorant, and it does not provide any advantage or anything similar to an aim assist. Instead, it helps players adapt their aiming mechanics and improve themselves, along with granting them a chance to compete against others.

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