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IShowSpeed Attacked during FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium



In a shocking turn of events, popular streamer IShowSpeed found himself at the receiving end of an unprovoked attack while attending the FA Cup final at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium.

Assaulted by a Stranger: IShowSpeed’s Disturbing Experience

As the final match between Manchester City and Manchester United unfolded, IShowSpeed, immersed in his streaming session, became the target of an unexpected assault. Seated in the row ahead of him, a fellow spectator suddenly turned around and delivered a forceful blow to his arm, catching him completely off-guard.

Caught on Camera: The Startling Moment Unveiled

The entire incident, including the assault and its aftermath, was captured on IShowSpeed’s live stream. In the footage, the streamer can be seen engrossed in the match, completely unaware of the impending danger. The impact of the punch caused his phone to be sent flying, colliding with several other unsuspecting spectators.


IShowSpeed’s Security Swiftly Responds to the Attack

Despite the element of surprise, IShowSpeed’s security personnel were quick to react, promptly intervening to prevent any further harm. They immediately apprehended the assailant, forcibly pushing him away from the streamer to ensure his safety.

Recovering from the Shock: Assistance from Fellow Spectators

As the security team resolved the situation, several compassionate onlookers retrieved IShowSpeed’s phone, returning it to him. Still bewildered and shocked by the assault, he voiced his confusion and frustration, questioning the motives behind the unprovoked attack. “What? Bro, what did you just do? Why did he just f*cking punch me, bro? Why did he put his hands on me? I didn’t even touch him!” Speed exclaimed.

Security Dialogue and Audience Intervention

In the concluding moments of the incident, the security personnel engaged in a discussion with the attacker, while other concerned spectators intervened to keep the two individuals apart. The collective efforts of those present helped diffuse the tense situation and prevent any further escalation.


Not an Isolated Incident: Streamers Facing Attacks

Regrettably, this recent assault on IShowSpeed is not an isolated incident within the streaming community. Another streamer, known as Kick, faced harassment in Japan due to his racist comments regarding the country’s public transport system. These events serve as a somber reminder of the challenges faced by content creators, even in seemingly safe environments.

The shocking attack on IShowSpeed during the FA Cup final has sent shockwaves through the online community. As the incident gains attention, it highlights the need for increased security measures and awareness around the safety of content creators. Streamers like IShowSpeed contribute to the vibrant digital landscape, and it is crucial to protect their well-being and ensure their ability to create and entertain remains unhindered.

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