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League of Legends 2023 Champion Roadmap Leaked: All You Need to Know



League of Legends

LoL, or League of Legends, is a popular online multiplayer game with over 150 million registered users worldwide. This game has been entertaining players for over a decade now and continues to attract new players with its exciting gameplay, competitive environment, and ever-evolving game mechanics. In 2023, LoL is set to release multiple new champions, including Naafiri, the Vampire champion, the Ink Mage, and the Freljord Hunter. In this article, we will delve into the details of these upcoming champions and what they will bring to the game.

Leaked Details of Upcoming Champions

As per the leaks from Big Bad Bear, Naafiri, the Darkin champion, will be the next champion to come out after Milio. She is expected to be a monster champion, resembling dogs and having the ability to multiply, making it easy for her to hunt in packs. Although Naafiri will be an easy champion to play, she will have a higher skill ceiling, requiring players to master her abilities to use her effectively.

Riot Games has also teased the release of a Vampire champion in the future. The developers hinted at the upcoming champion by showcasing a giant castle in one of their teasers. However, no further details about this champion have been disclosed yet. Fans are eagerly waiting for more information on this mysterious new champion.


Another leak suggests that a new female champion from the Freljord region will be released soon. This champion will be a hunter and expected to play the role of an ADC or Top Laner. It will be exciting to see what new abilities and lore this champion will bring to the game.

Moreover, Riot Games is bringing back the concept of the Ink Mage, a new mage champion who can manipulate ink. This champion was teased several years ago, but the technology was not available at that time to bring the Ink Mage into the game. However, with advances in technology, Riot Games is now set to release this unique champion in 2023.

Riot Games’ 2023 Champion Roadmap

Riot Games has already released Milio, an Ixtali enchanter, as part of Patch 13.6, and Naafiri is set to be available soon. Fans can expect more information about the new champions from Riot Games’ 2023 Champion Roadmap. This official roadmap is expected to be released in two to three weeks and will give fans a better idea of Riot Games’ plans for LoL. It will showcase the new champions set to be released in 2023, along with their abilities, lores, and music. Fans can also expect to learn about the game’s upcoming events and features.


LoL is set to release multiple new champions in 2023, including Naafiri, the Vampire champion, the Ink Mage, and the Freljord Hunter. These new champions will bring new abilities, lores, and music to the game, making it even more exciting and popular. Fans can look forward to Riot Games’ 2023 Champion Roadmap for more information about these upcoming champions and the game’s future plans.

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