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Minecraft Legends: All Trophies and Achievements



Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends is a spin-off of the popular sandbox game that offers a simplified version of the real-time strategy (RTS) genre. It features vibrant visuals, interesting unit types, and a fantastic soundtrack that complements the game’s overall charm. In this article, we will explore all the Trophies and Achievements that players can unlock in Minecraft Legends.

The Game

Minecraft Legends offers players the chance to control a warrior fighting alongside a small squad of summonable units during gameplay. The game features landscapes that are identical to their main Minecraft series counterparts, along with a vibrant color palette and excellent lighting. It’s also great to see the humble Creeper as a friend rather than a foe.

The game includes a campaign mode and multiplayer, where players can create their own strategies to defeat their opponents. During gameplay, players will encounter different challenges and obstacles. However, players will earn Trophies and Achievements as they progress through the game.


Trophies and Achievements

Minecraft Legends offers a variety of Trophies and Achievements that players can unlock. Some of these require players to complete specific tasks, while others are unlocked through regular gameplay. One of the most interesting Trophies is the “Mythic Golem” Trophy, which requires players to defeat all Golem variants, including Cobblestone Golems, Plank Golems, and Mossy Golems. This task is not an easy feat, and it will require skill and perseverance to accomplish.

Trophy NameHow to Unlock
All-Star CastCollect all of the Firsts in a single world.
Are These Made of Nether Wart?Destroy 250 piglin buildings in a single world.
Became the HuntedDefeat The Beast.
Banner ExpertGive 25 orders from Banner View in a single world.
Bounty of the OverworldGather 1,000 wood and stone and 125 iron, coal, redstone, and diamond in a single world.
Bringing Out the Big BlocksConstruct 3 host towers within attack range of one another.
BrokenDefeat The Unbreakable.
Defender of the OverworldDefeat The Great Hog.
Excitable New FriendsAlly with the creepers.
Feed the FlamesGather 2,400 lapis in 30 minutes or less in Versus Mode.
Full ForceGive an army of 80 mobs an order.
I Can See My Village From HereSpend 20 minutes buffed by bounce caps in a single world.
Impressive GiftsComplete the tutorial.
Legendary HeroDefeat the campaign on Legendary.
More Than It Could ChewDefeat The Devourer.
NailbiterDefeat an opponent with less than 10% of your HQ’s health remaining in Versus Mode.
No Time for SwineDefeat 1,000 piglins in a single world.
One Boom at a TimeGive 10 individual orders to creepers from Banner View in a single world.
Resource ReinforcementsOpen 5 Allay Chests in a single world.
Riding in StyleRide all of the different mounts in a single world.
Ridin’ the Grain TrainSpend 2 minutes buffed by speed wheat in a single world.
Soothe the ScarsCure 20,000 nether-rack blocks in a single world.
The Way of the SwordDefeat another player with your sword in Versus Mode.
They REALLY Like That FlowerAlly with the zombies.
Variety is the Spice of LifeBuild all the different improvements at the Well of Fate in a single world.
Wheeeeeeeeeee!Glide for 30 seconds consecutively on the Big Beak or Brilliant Beetle.
Working TogetherPlay a game of co-op.
With Light Comes HopeDestroy the Night Beacon Base.

Another intriguing Trophy is the “The Explorer” Trophy, which requires players to visit every corner of the game’s map. This Trophy will test players’ navigation skills and exploration abilities. Other Trophies and Achievements include “The Architect,” which requires players to build a structure, and “The Traveler,” which requires players to travel a certain distance.

The Soundtrack

Minecraft Legends also features an impressive soundtrack that adds another layer of immersion to the game. The soundtrack is composed by German composer Peter Hont, who has worked on several other Minecraft soundtracks in the past. It complements the game’s overall charm and makes it an enjoyable experience for players.


Minecraft Legends is available on multiple platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, allowing players to enjoy it on their preferred system. It’s an excellent game that offers a unique spin on the RTS genre, making it a great addition to the Minecraft universe.

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