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PMPL South Asia Week 3 Day 2: Overall Standings, overview, and More



Stalwart Esports takes the lead in the weekly standings in PMPL South Asia Week 3 Day 2. Find out who else made it to the top spots.

During Week 3 Day 2 of the PMPL South Asia Spring League Stage, Stalwart Esports from Mongolia showcased impressive gameplay. The team emerged as the very first to surpass the 100 points threshold in the weekly standings, with a total of 66 kills and 101 points. This remarkable display of supremacy enabled them to clinch the top spot and show great burstiness in their gameplay.

Mabtex Esports Maintains Consistency

Meanwhile, Mabtex Esports maintained their consistency with a total of 74 points, securing the second position. The team performed exceptionally well in the first battle on Miramar, with Wally earning seven of their 16 frags and winning the MVP title in that game. Despite playing well until the final circle, RAW Officials lost a 4v4 battle against Mabtex Esports, who emerged as the winners.

T2K Esports Holds onto Third Spot

T2K Esports did not have the best day but managed to hold onto the third spot with their previous performances. They secured second place in the second match with six frags, but High Voltage managed to capitalize on the clash between T2K and Deadeyes to secure victory with ten kills. Venom De also surprised everyone by earning eight kills despite being eliminated early.

SITM Esports Impresses with Top Five Finish

SITM Esports displayed impressive gameplay, finishing in the top five and adding to the perplexity of the day’s events. They came fourth in the third match on Miramar but managed to secure second place in the match standings thanks to their 12 eliminations. The team claimed the Chicken Dinner in Match 4 with 11 kills, which saw the final circle present itself in shooting range.

Overall Rankings and Match-Wise Highlights

In the overall rankings, Stalwart Esports (497) has taken a seven-point lead over 4Merical Vibes (490) to claim the pole position. DRS Gaming replaced T2K Esports to occupy the third position with 345 points. When it comes to the match-wise highlights, Nepal’s Illumin8 Crew finally displayed mesmerizing gameplay in the third match on Miramar, earning 11 kills. SITM Esports came fourth, but their eliminations added a lot of perplexity to the game.


Stalwart Esports Emerges Victorious in Final Battle

In the fifth and final battle of the PMPL Week 3 Day 2, Stalwart Esports demonstrated excellent teamwork to take the victory with 10 frags. IHC Esports and Kunyo TRZ followed with seven and nine kills, respectively, adding a great deal of burstiness to the game. The gameplay of Skylightz Gaming and DRS Gaming also added to the variations in the overall standings.

Overall, Stalwart Esports displayed exceptional gameplay to emerge as leaders in the weekly standings, while Mabtex Esports maintained their consistency with a strong performance in the first battle on Miramar. The impressive gameplay of SITM Esports and the burstiness of the gameplay in each match made Week 3 Day 2 of the PMPL South Asia Spring League Stage an eventful and exciting day for fans and viewers alike.

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