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Shroud & Tarik Weigh In on the Difficulty of CS:GO vs Valorant



valorant vs csgo

The debate between CS:GO and Valorant has been a hot topic among gamers since the initial release of the latter back in 4th June, 2020. Both games are tactical first-person shooters that rely on similar elements of gunplay and utility usage, and the similarity between the two titles has led to intense discussions and heated debates between fans of the genre.

Currently, both games have sizable player bases, but there has been a recent surge in CS:GO’s popularity due to the anticipation surrounding the game’s upgrade to the Source 2 engine. This has led to CS:GO repeatedly breaking its own player count records over the past few weeks, indicating the high level of excitement among fans for the upcoming changes.

Due to the existing hype revolving around Valve’s competitive shooter, Twitch stars Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and Tarık “Tarik” Çelik decided to queue for some CS:GO games during their March 15 livestream. Amidst the stream, Shroud sparked the long-standing debate regarding whether CS:GO or Valorant is the more challenging game by posing the question himself.


“[CS:GO is] Harder, 100%. Was that a trick question?” Tarik answered.

Shroud explained, “I think Valorant is harder strategically, but mechanically, I think this game (CS:GO) is four times as hard.”

“There’s a lot of sh*t to account for in Valorant, like utils getting refreshed and sh*t. In this game, they’ve been doing the same A execute for like 20 years,” Tarik added. “Every five years they come out with a different smoke pattern.”


Tarik’s answer was followed by a couple of laughs from everyone at the party.

Ultimately, the choice between CS:GO and Valorant comes down to personal preference. There isn’t a single correct answer to which game is harder, since both games have their strengths and weaknesses. However, most players seem to agree that the gunplay of CS:GO is way more difficult than Valorant, while the utilities in the Riot Games shooter are more complex.

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