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Skyesports brings the AMD Skyesports Luna with India’s top female gamers



AMD Skyesports Luna
Taking place from Sept. 16 to 21, India’s top female gamers will lock horns for a share of the Rs. 1.5 lakh prize pool. 

Skyesports is bringing another edition of its all-female esports tournament IP, the Skyesports Luna. This time, four teams of India’s best female gamers will lock horns in Valorant from Sept. 16 to 21 for a share of the Rs. 1,50,000 prize pool.

The Skyesports Luna Season 2 is presented by global semiconductor manufacturers AMD and powered by the leading innovator for gaming technologies and gear, Logitech G. 

Commenting on the Skyesports Luna Season 2, Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, Skyesports said, “We at Skyesports have a commitment to serving every gamer and supporting plus uplifting them. Our full-fledged female esports IP, the Skyesports Luna, is a similar effort with a focus on empowering female gamers and bridging the gap we see in the top levels of competitive gaming. This should enable a lot of upcoming female esports athletes to participate in the esports ecosystem.”

The four teams in the Skyesports Luna are as follows: 

  • Jod Baiters: Led by RIddhima
  • Muffinloop and Friends: Led by Muffinloop
  • DommyMommies: Led by Keanu
  • Team Women Esports: Led by Mili

The Skyesports Luna will consist of a group stage league (GSL) followed by the grand finals. In the GSL, taking place from Sept. 16 to 20, the four teams will compete for the two spots in the grand finals. The top two teams will then advance to the grand finals on Sept. 21 to crown the AMD Skyesports Luna Season 2 champions. 

The AMD Skyesports Luna will be live-streamed on the Skyesports YouTube channel. It will be live from 6 PM onwards from Sept. 16 to 21. 

About Skyesports – Skyesports is a leading esports and gaming venture based in Chennai, renowned for hosting major esports tournaments. Founded in November 2018 by Shiva Nandy, Skyesports has quickly grown to become one of the largest esports companies in South Asia. Skyesports has an impressive range of original IPs, which include the Skyesports Championship, Skyesports League, Skyesports Grand Slam, Skyesports Skirmish Series, and more, through which Skyesports has touched millions of gamers across South Asia and beyond. Skyesports is a part of the digital entertainment and technology company, JetSynthesys. 

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