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Skyesports Masters Franchised CSGO League Announced With



skyesports masters

Jet Skyesports, the leading esports tournament organizer in South Asia, has recently announced the launch of Skyesports Masters, India’s first-ever franchise-based esports league. The groundbreaking league is set to be the biggest gaming tournament in India to date, with a whopping INR 2 crore prize pool.

The Skyesports Masters league will feature eight franchise teams comprising the biggest national as well as international names in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The tournament will take place as an on-ground event (LAN) with a live audience in Mumbai, India.

Jet Skyesports aims to leverage its market position to unlock revenue streams for all eight franchised teams in the Skyesports Masters with sponsorships, merchandise sales, and media rights deals. The company hopes to act as an enabler for the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for Counter-Strike in the years to come.


Sharing his thoughts on the creation of the Skyesports Masters and its vision, Shiva Nandy, the Founder and CEO of Skyesports, said, “The Skyesports Masters is set to redefine and raise the bar for Esports in India. With our franchised system, we have found eight fantastic partners to be a part of the inaugural season of the league. Our goal for the league is not to just create one of the grandest tournaments for audiences to enjoy but also to build a viable ecosystem for Esports organizations while unlocking many revenue streams for them. This is the need of the hour for the Indian Esports industry as a lot of organizations are reeling under huge losses and we hope Skyesports Masters can be the much-needed game changes for the industry.”

To provide a platform for emerging and highly talented gamers in the country, Jet Skyesports has tied up with local gaming cafés across 20 different cities such as Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and several others, to scout for the best CS:GO players during the qualifiers. The Skyesports Masters will provide franchise teams an option to add the best of the scouted players from the qualifiers to their star-studded rosters.

Anuj Tandon, CEO of Gaming Division, JetSynthesys, commenting on the unique format, said, “Over the years Skyesports has hosted various tournaments in association with some of the popular games. Counter-Strike has been at the heart of India’s gaming café culture for decades and Skyesports’ association with CSGO will usher in a revival of the game ahead of the release of Counter-Strike 2. It’s a significant milestone for us as we gear up to bring forth Skyesports’ first-ever franchised esports league that will see a lot of talent emerge and contribute to the growth of the Indian esports industry at the grassroots level.”


Despite being a traditional Esports title, CS:GO is still a prominent part of the Esports ecosystem with more than 36,00,000 players playing the game in March of this year.

The schedule for the qualifiers, exact venue, and ticketing information will be announced soon on Skyesports’ Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook handles. Fans who won’t be able to attend the event live can tune into the electrifying action of the league live on the official Skyesports YouTube channel in multiple languages.

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