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Valorant Gekko: Country and Background Revealed



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The much-awaited debut of Gekko, the newest addition to the game of Valorant, is slated to happen on the 7th of March, and fans are ecstatic about unraveling the ins and outs of this intriguing new character. As an initiator in the game, Valorant Gekko Agent is armed with an array of avant-garde abilities that enable him to tackle situations in a multifaceted manner, thereby rendering him an invaluable asset to any team.

Where is Gekko from?

But where does this new sensation hail from, you ask? Well, the answer to that question is none other than Los Angeles, a city in the United States. Interestingly, Los Angeles is also the host city of the upcoming 2023 Valorant Champions, a championship that will see the world’s most elite Valorant teams lock horns in a bid to be crowned as champions.

Joe Killeen, the Narrative Writer of Valorant, divulged that Gekko was fashioned as a first-generation character, someone whose upbringing has been a product of the amalgamation of two disparate worlds. In Gekko’s case, it’s a union of the cultural heritage of his parents and the influences of his hometown that have collectively shaped him into the individual he is today.


According to Killeen, Los Angeles was a fitting choice for Gekko’s origin story. The city is a conglomeration of distinct communities that have intermixed to produce a distinctive diaspora of immigrant and first-generation tales. Gekko’s character is a testament to this diversity, making him a character who is relatable to many players.

How To Activate Gekko In Valorant?

To access Gekko, players need to activate his agent contract and partake in matches. For Xbox Game Pass subscribers, the best part is that they will have the privilege of getting him for free on March 7th, making it simpler for players to experience his exceptional abilities in the game.

Gekko is an enthralling addition to the universe of Valorant, with his multifarious approach to situations and his relatable origin story. As a first-generation character hailing from Los Angeles, he embodies the diversity that characterizes the city and exemplifies Valorant’s pledge to inclusivity and representation.

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