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Valorant Gekko Release Date & Time For All Regions



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The new agent, Gekko, has been announced for Valorant and is slated for release on either March 7th or 8th of 2023, depending on your whereabouts. As an Initiator class agent, Gekko possesses a plethora of distinctive abilities, including the ability to employ a companion to plant or defuse the spike, the power to leap from walls, and the capacity to detect enemies. Notably, Gekko’s companion lends aid in gathering crucial information during a round, conferring an advantage to the team.

Valorant Gekko Abilities

The release of Gekko via the Season 6 Act 2 update is expected to usher in a meta-defining era. The said abilities of Gekko include the Mosh Pit, which deploys a grenade filled with a green, gooey substance that subsequently detonates, causing damage to anything and anyone within its proximity.

Additionally, the Wingman ability enables Gekko to toss a bouncing projectile off walls, detecting enemies in a specified zone and stunning them. Meanwhile, the Dizzy ability unleashes a pet that partially obstructs the vision of nearby enemies.


Lastly, Gekko’s Thrash ability unleashes a projectile that launches a larger companion, one that shares its vision with the agent and detains enemies within its area of effect.

To note, Gekko’s abilities come with a finite number of uses, with some abilities only available for use once. As such, it is crucial for players to be mindful of the cooldown periods in between.

Valorant Gekko Release Date For All Regions

Gekko’s release date is contingent on one’s location and time zone. Specifically, players situated in Asia Pacific, Europe, and Korea shall witness the arrival of Gekko on March 7th, 2023, at 14:00 PST. Meanwhile, players in Brazil and Latin America shall see the agent on the same day at 06:00 PST. Finally, North American players shall also be privy to Gekko’s arrival on March 7th, 2023, at 06:00 PST.


In conclusion, Gekko’s unique abilities will undoubtedly introduce a new dynamic to Valorant gameplay. Expect to witness the emergence of new strategies and changes in the game’s meta upon Gekko’s release.

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