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VALORANT 6.07 Patch Notes: Changes to Bind and More



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The latest VALORANT patch, version 6.07, has arrived, bringing with it a host of improvements and bug fixes to the popular first-person shooter. The most significant changes are focused on the Bind map, which is set to replace Icebox in the competitive pool. This means that the developers will be closely observing player interactions with the refreshed Bind, addressing any issues, and refining its functions before it’s introduced into ranked play.

In addition to the Bind changes, players can expect to see updates to the UI, bug fixes, and harsher penalties for AFK (Away From Keyboard) and queue dodging within the patch notes. Let’s take a closer look at the major changes.

Valorant Patch 6.07

Modifications to Bind:


To prepare for its entry into the competitive pool, Bind has undergone a series of modifications in all modes. The changes include:

  • The B Long teleporter exit has been moved from A Lobby to the door next to A Bath.
  • Both entrances to A Bath have been expanded.
  • The A Site Radianite crates have been repositioned.
  • A barrel has been added near A Tower on A Site.
  • The rear wall on A Site near Defender Spawn has been revised.
  • The B Site doorway from Defender Spawn has been widened.
  • A utility window has been added between B Site and B Hall.

Updates to AFK and queue dodging penalties:

To discourage these behaviors, patch 6.07 has introduced harsher penalties for AFK and queue dodging. These include:

  • Increased Ranked Rating reduction for repeated queue dodging.
  • A one-day ranked restriction for excessive AFK behavior.

Agent UI updates:

The following updates have been made to agent UIs:

  • The yellow indicator has been removed from Reyna’s Leer.
  • A critical danger indicator has been added to KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT.
  • The yellow indicator has been removed from Skye’s Seekers.
  • The yellow indicator has been removed from Killjoy’s Alarmbot.
  • The yellow indicator has been removed from Chamber’s Trademark.

Bug fixes:

Patch 6.07 includes a number of bug fixes, including:

  • Allies’ projectiles’ blue travel trails reset upon entering teleporters.
  • Agents cannot drop both primary and secondary weapons while planting or defusing the Spike.
  • An Agent’s teleport capability will not indicate an out-of-sight minimap location during packet loss.
  • Outlines and fresnels will not appear when the Hide option is activated.
  • The minimap will not flicker or distort the vision cones of Phoenix’s Blaze, Viper’s Toxic Screen, and Harbor’s High Tide.
  • The social panel from the in-game options screen will not become stuck in an open position.
  • The right-to-left format standard of the Arabic language will not be disrupted if the chosen in-game language is Arabic, and the first word entered in a chat message is English.

In conclusion, patch 6.07 has brought significant changes to VALORANT, particularly to the Bind map, which has been modified in preparation for its introduction to the competitive pool. Players can also expect to see UI updates, bug fixes, and harsher penalties for AFK and queue dodging. For more information, visit the official VALORANT website.

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