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Full Schedule for VALORANT Premier Episode 8, Act 1: Key Dates and Details



Overview of the VALORANT Premier changes and match schedule for Episode Eight, Act One

Premier provides top-tier VALORANT players a platform to gain more than just rank points, offering seasonal tournaments and a clear path towards professional play. It’s crucial to stay updated with the schedule to fully engage in this premier competition.

During sign-up periods, aspiring players can spend time forming teams and registering them, considering their average skill level and geographic proximity. These teams compete in weekly matches on designated maps, culminating in a tournament that determines the champion of each skill category. Additionally, teams have the opportunity to engage in practice queue matches without any points at stake, as a warm-up before the official weekly matches.

When assembling a team, it’s important to ensure that all members are available to compete at the scheduled times. The timing of queue windows varies by region, but the complete match schedule for the Episode Eight, Act One Premier season is as follows:


The latest season of Premier kicks off on January 17, 2024, with team finalizations due by 3 pm on that date.

In Premier, matches are typically held on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays each week for seven weeks. These matches span the entire competitive map pool and lead up to playoffs towards the act’s end. Practice sessions are scheduled for one hour on Wednesdays and Fridays, featuring best-of-one matches on the map selected for that week.

For the official weekly matches, teams receive 100 points for a win and 25 for a loss, with no points awarded for unplayed matches. Teams must accumulate at least 675 points to qualify for the season-ending tournament, with up to two matches per team each week.


The official Premier schedule for Episode Eight, Act One is as follows, with specific queue times varying by region:

Week one: Split

  • Thursday, Jan. 18
  • Saturday, Jan. 20
  • Sunday, Jan. 21

Week two: Ascent

  • Thursday, Jan. 25
  • Saturday, Jan. 27
  • Sunday, Jan. 28

Week three: Breeze

  • Thursday, Feb. 1
  • Saturday, Feb. 3
  • Sunday, Feb. 4

Week four: Sunset

  • Thursday, Feb. 8
  • Saturday, Feb. 10
  • Sunday, Feb. 11

Week five: Icebox

  • Thursday, Feb. 15
  • Saturday, Feb. 17
  • Sunday, Feb. 18

Week six: Bind

  • Thursday, Feb. 22
  • Saturday, Feb. 24
  • Sunday, Feb. 25

Week seven: Lotus

  • Thursday, Feb. 29
  • Saturday, March 2

Playoff Tournament

  • Sunday, March 3
  • For the VALORANT Premier Playoff Tournament, a pick-and-ban system for maps will be implemented. Teams will alternate in banning maps until one is selected. More details are available on the Premier hub.