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Valorant Pro City: All You Need To Know



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Valorant Pro City: The issues with Valorant ranked have been widely documented for years, from the flawed MMR system to the abundance of cheaters, throwers, griefing, win-trading, and toxic behavior. It is particularly frustrating for aspiring and full-time Valorant pros and content creators who are looking for a challenging and enjoyable environment to sharpen their skills.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and it comes from one of the most popular Valorant streamers on Twitch, Tarik. The answer is Valorant Pro City, an exclusive community created for professional players and those with high enough ranks who want to participate in 5v5 custom games with a separate ELO system.

What is Valorant Pro City?

Pro City is a private community that provides a controlled and secure space for high-level Valorant players to compete without the problems that plague the regular ranked system. The server was created by Tarik, who wanted to give pros, content creators, and other players who are good enough the chance to keep grinding and honing their skills without encountering the issues present in ranked matches.


How to Join Valorant Pro City

Unfortunately, joining City is not available to everyone, even those with high enough ELO rankings. As Tarik mentioned back in January, the server is exclusive and only accessible by invitation.

Pro City Leaderboard

NeatQueue is the website used to track the Valorant Pro City leaderboard. The website allows users to filter by month, MMR, games played, wins, and losses to see who is currently sitting as the mayor of Valorant Pro City.

Valorant Pro City offers a safe haven for Valorant pros, content creators, and other high-level players to compete and practice without the problems plaguing the regular ranked system. Although it is not accessible to everyone, the exclusive community provides a space for those with the necessary skills to sharpen their abilities and take their game to the next level.


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