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Why eSports should be considered as a proper career choice?



esports as career

The rise of the esports scene in India is a very noticeable stride that can be seen. Esports has been experiencing explosive growth in popularity in the last few years. With its rise, a growing number of people are also aspiring to become professional game players. Even though eSports has slowly gained traction in recent years, it has always been there building its stepping stones in the background. eSports first made headlines in India when it was included as a medal event in the 2018 ‘Asian Games’, with India winning a bronze medal. Participating in such events always had a stigma in India, as video games always had negative publicity around them. 

Video game addiction has been a strong factor in fueling hate towards the gaming community in India. Other negative events happening involving gaming have also brought a bad image to video games and averted the attention from the Esports side of things. In recent years due to the hard work of some pioneers in the Esports industry, the great side of Esports has been shone a light on. Being a professional Esports player is being respected as a valid career choice all over the world and in India. Given that professional gaming is an exciting career but it is still in its infancy in India. Professional gaming has the opportunity to not only be a passive sport. It can actively engage the viewer. Large publishers are only just now building in tools allowing viewers to join in the experience.

Perks of being a Professional Gamer

  • The Money is great 
  • You dictate your working hours
  • There are many Support/ Infrastructure Jobs
  • You can create your Image and Brand
  • It can be done remotely 
  • It is a skill-based job

“Newzoo” the World’s most trusted source for Esports data analytics has said that Global esports revenues will reach $906 million in 2018, a year-on-year growth of +38.2%. North America will account for $345 million of the total and China for $164 million”. Being a professional gamer is not the only job you have in Esports, there are many job roles to be filled in the Esports industry. Coaches are needed to guide the professional Esports players to victory. Castors are also the lifeblood of an Esports event. There are various roles and opportunities which need to be nourished and encouraged in the Esports industry. Esports is here to grow and nurture itself into evolving on a massive scale.

Article By: Prajwal



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